Monday, 28 October 2013

The one who has the courage to face is the one who can bring about a change.

Message for the day 28-10-2013

The one who has the courage to face is the one who can bring about a change. 

Projection: When there is a challenge which brings out a negative response, there is an immediate desire to move away from the situation so that the negativity finishes. But the real challenge is not the situation itself, but the expression of a weakness within. The one who has the courage to face this weakness and work on it is able to bring about a change accordingly. 

Solution: When I am able to face the challenge of working on my own weaknesses, instead of moving away from the situation I am able to experience progress at every step. Then there will be no feeling of helplessness but I will be able to have full control on the situation. So there is the ability to learn from each situation and move forward constantly. 

Om Shanti!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ab toh jago...!!

Wanted Ravans!

Woh Ravan bhi Acha tha jisne Sita ji ko sirf kidnap kiya tha  aur Ashok Vatika mein rakha tha unki marji ke beger  Ravan ne bhi unko nahi chua ya koi zabardasti nai ki..  Phir Bhi  Har Dushere mein  Ravan ko jalaya jata hein. 

Jabki in 6 jan ya kahe janvaro ko fasi ki saza dene mae bhi humari sarkar itna chintan kar rahi hai aise ghinone aur asahniye apradh ki saza toh public execution honi chahiye.

Band Karo  Es Ravan ko jalana . Abh Waqt Aa gaya hein jo eise Ravan ko jalaya jana chaiye.

aaj Ka Ravan jo roj ladkiyo  ko ek guriya samaz kar tor mror dete hein , rape karte hein , abuse karte hien , unki saja kya honi chayiye .. un sab ravan ko jalana chaiye  Har Roj jala kar yeh gand ko khatam rakhna chaiye...

Hum Damini , jo ki ek brave aur pure soul thi us soul ko insaaf dilana chahte hai.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Message for the day

When we change, our world changes. 

Expression: We usually wait for the world to change, sometimes the world at large and sometimes our own little world. Since it is not in our hands we don't find it changing according to what we want and we give up trying. We rarely think of changing ourselves, which is possible. 

Experience: When we change, our thoughts and attitudes change too. We are then able to look at the people and our world around us with a different vision. Thus, we find that our world changes, not so much in the situation as much as in our own perception.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Message for the day

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition. 

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition. 

Expression: When we make a positive contribution we usually want to get recognition for it. We may not always say it in words but there is always an expectation that others should recognize our contribution. 

Experience: We need to make sure that we enjoy whatever we do. Since the task itself becomes enjoyable for us, we don't anymore expect recognition. The more we become free from expectations the more we get love from others and recognition too. 

To be merciful means to transform the pain and sorrow of others. 

Expression: The one who is merciful always has the feeling of mercy and is able to help those who are in need or in distress. Such a person is able to bring about transformation in others too because of his own pure feelings. He is able to put in effort that becomes a contribution for the progress of others. 

Experience: When I have mercy for others, I am able to accept their feelings, emotions and behaviour and provide them with the right kind of mental support. Then I am able to give them courage without being influenced negatively with their feelings of pain and sorrow. So my mercy influences myself positively too as I am able to keep myself positive under all circumstances. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Trust brings help from others.

Trust brings help from others. 

Expression: Many times we find that we are not able to get sufficient help from others. We seem to be struggling all alone. We do expect help from others and might say so in words too, but we find that we are not always able to get full cooperation from others. 

Experience: We will not get help from others if we expect and demand from others. Instead we need to develop faith in others that they will help. For this we need to develop total respect for each and everyone. It is this respect that will naturally encourage the other person to help us. 

Message for the day

To be strong is to watch situations with detachment. 

Expression: When a difficult situation comes our way, we think it is permanent. We do try to bring about change, but very soon give up when we don't find any change. We lose patience to work on the situation and we feel tensed and stressed. 

Experience: In order to pass in any situation we need to recognize and understand the fact that all situations will surely pass by when the time comes. But we don't have to get stuck with it at that time. We need to do what we can and just wait for the time to pass by. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Message for the day

To think less is to remain happy. 

Expression: Usually there is a tendency to think more than normal when there is a challenging situation. Although it is considered to be good to think more, we usually miss out on the fact that thinking more means having lots of waste thoughts along with those that are necessary. 

Experience: When we find ourselves thinking a lot we need to ask ourselves if all these thoughts are really necessary. We need to recognize waste thoughts and replace them with something more positive. With this practice we'll find ourselves thinking less and at the same time having powerful thoughts which will keep us cheerful under all circumstances.