Monday, 22 October 2012

Message for the day

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition. 

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition. 

Expression: When we make a positive contribution we usually want to get recognition for it. We may not always say it in words but there is always an expectation that others should recognize our contribution. 

Experience: We need to make sure that we enjoy whatever we do. Since the task itself becomes enjoyable for us, we don't anymore expect recognition. The more we become free from expectations the more we get love from others and recognition too. 

To be merciful means to transform the pain and sorrow of others. 

Expression: The one who is merciful always has the feeling of mercy and is able to help those who are in need or in distress. Such a person is able to bring about transformation in others too because of his own pure feelings. He is able to put in effort that becomes a contribution for the progress of others. 

Experience: When I have mercy for others, I am able to accept their feelings, emotions and behaviour and provide them with the right kind of mental support. Then I am able to give them courage without being influenced negatively with their feelings of pain and sorrow. So my mercy influences myself positively too as I am able to keep myself positive under all circumstances. 

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