Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Murli Questions with answers

Question: Why does the stage of some children fluctuate as they move along?

Because they do not have firm faith. When faith is lacking, their stage goes up and down like mercury and fluctuates. Sometimes there is a great deal of happiness and sometimes happiness is reduced

Question: Why can you give the title of ‘ostrich’ to human beings of today? 

Answer: If you tell an ostrich to fly, it says, “I don’t have wings, I am a camel.” If you say, “Achcha, if you are a camel, 
carry the load!” it says “I am a bird.” Such is the state of people of today! If you ask them, “Why do you call yourselves 
Hindus instead of deities?” They say, “Deities were pure whereas we are impure.” If you say to them, “Achcha, change 
from impure to pure” they then say, “We don’t have time.” Maya has cut off the wings of purity. This is why those who 
say that they don’t have time are like ostriches. You children must not be like ostriches. 

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